Online Vegetable Selling

The client is a well-known business man dealing with the auto print business, the client wanted to create an app to sell vegetables online.


Online Vegetable Selling Mobile App

Our team of mobile app developers created a mobile app for their online business. The mobile app developed has features that allow users to create and view their respective order, track status. Our team of developers worked hard in order to achieve customer satisfaction. The administrator panel is designed in such a way so as to track the number of orders per day, the turn over, the orders accepted and to be delivered etc.

The dashboard has the consolidated data so as to help the administrator with daily data. There are provisions for administrator to map the delivery executives along with the trucks. Apart from these our team of developers suggested and implemented the map feature which shall have the orders present in the maps along with the date and slot of delivery. Our developers also enhanced the user side features by suggesting and implementing some of the features. The user’s orders can be saved and tracked for later use.

The vegetables purchase quantity can be in the desired level and there is no compulsion over the minimum purchase limit. The user shall customize their own profile as and when needed. Also, there are provisions for users to track the order that has been placed previously. The order status shall be visible to the user from the user’s account.


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Mobile app for online vegetable Sales Management

  • Customized product viewing
  • Excellent GUI that satisfies the buyers
  • Feasibility to view order status reports
  • Manage purchase orders seamlessly
  • Ambiguous order management

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