Online Education Portal

Manage your Exam with best Online Education Portal System.


Online Education Portal

Udaipur Software Company is Devloped online education Portal that helps school students doing homework, help solving problems when the student stuck and provides online database for huge number of practice Questions.

The main programs offered are:

  • Ask your Teacher Questions
  • Look for Answers to the questions by Teachers
  • Look up for Q&A – as practice questions & answers

The Student needs to be registered to use the Online Education System. The student can ask new questions, Lookup Answered Questions, can view practice Question and Answers not from Book but related to subject.

The Teacher needs to be registered to answer the online questions by students. The teacher logins to My New Questions, Select subject, select chapter, select question, Edit Answer and upload attachment, reviews and send it to Master/Teacher.

The Master/Teacher login to My Teacher New Question and Answers, select subject, select teacher, select questions, review answers and attachments, review minor changes if needed and submit for students, otherwise it will Reject and send back to teacher.

Key Features


A trusted name in the field of software development, customized content management system, and automation system.

Key benefits of Online Education Portal

  • Complete Business to Business Portal providing segregated information to Students.
  • Complete Business to Teachers , Master Teachers and Administrators respectively.
  • E-Tuition is #1 online education portal.
  • Helping school students with any subject at any time.
  • Teachers are real professionals and certified experts.
  • Meticulously monitored by Master Teachers.
  • 24 / 7 access with one-to-one help on your specific problem.
  • Built-in Editor with special characters and mathematical symbol

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