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‘Goods and Service Tax (GST)’

Hotel Management System is web application software developed to manage small and medium sized hotels efficiently and in a cost effective manner. The cloud based system has the prowess to fulfill all the requirement of hotel industry, which includes room booking, room billing, GST Calculation and Returns, reservation, room management, enquiry and complete accounting module. The multi dimensional system provides instant solution for numerous activities with no risk of loss on investment due to technical obsoleteness.

Key Features

Easy & Fast Billing

Generate batch wise invoices, with detailed information about different Bus.inesses


Manage inventory levels, set reorder points to replenish stock and save your loses due to expiry.

GST filing

Push transactions into the GST portal and directly file returns from Udaipur Software Company.

Bank reconciliation

Reconcile bank from any excel or csv file any format with interest calculation for cross check.

Import Purchase

Reconcile bank from any excel or csv file any format with interest calculation for cross check.


Stay on top of your finances with powerful 1000’s of sales, purchase, inventory & accounting reports.


A trusted name in the field of software development, customized content management system, and automation system.

Why Choose GST Billing software ?

GST Billing software

GST (Goods and Services Tax) as the name suggests is a Single, Comprehensive Indirect Tax levy on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods and services at a National level.

GST Registration

GST the biggest tax reformation came into existence on July 1, 2017 and with that GST registration became an important aspect to identify tax payers ensuring compliance in the economy.

GST Invoice

An invoice or a Bill could be defined as a list of goods sent or services provided, along with the amount due for payment. GST compliant invoices can be made with Udaipur Software Company 9+ Software.

GST Returns

A regular taxpayer needs to furnish monthly returns and one annual return under GST. The whole process of returns has become a vital and powerful tool to implement the ‘data and revenue’ collection system under the GST Regime. Thus, understanding of the whole return process under GST Regime becomes need of the day.

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