ERP Software Development

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ERP Software Development

ERP is stands for enterprise resource planning. ERP Software is business operation management tool that allow automating the system with back office functionality with advancement of technology. At Udaipur Software Company we provide complete comprehensive solution for development of any size of ERP software in India and abroad. There are so many types of ERP systems available in market at present like Cloud ERP, Mobile ERP, Desktop Base ERP, Two-Tier ERP and more. This software is complete depends on your organization size and requirements. You can add required modules as per request with our technical. Mainly It has Sales, Inventory, warehousing, Operations (Manufacturing), Accounting, After Sales Service and much more. ERP software provides better efficiency with cost effective manner to any business. It centralizes all the data and reports so admin can overview the business model easily from dashboard.

Key Features


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Key benefits of ERP for Restaurant

  • POS integration for precise finance management.
  • Manage purchase orders and inventory control.
  • Stay upright to compliances and safety regulations.
  • Efficiently manage general ledger, assets, finances etc.
  • Easy to use staff management.
  • SCM for a timely Home delivery.

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