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College ERP Software

The educational enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, iCloudEMS is a cloud-based automation college ERP system/software which manages the entire administration, campus operations, and academic management in an efficient way. It is targeting primarily the educational ERP markets in India, UAE, and Africa.

It is essential to know that utilizing College ERP for automating your college does not need to be a confounded and costly process. The prime concern of Educational erp software companies in India is to fill the gap in the overall market for education institute management software. Our iCloudEMS has incredible worth included elements, you could be appreciating the uses and comfort of an “ERP” in a matter of seconds!

We develop an integrated solution for the computerization of various academic institutions based on the pilot survey done in India, UAE, and Africa. Our cloud-based college ERP solutions are designed in PHP, MYSQL & J2EE framework. iCloudEMS software has 25+ modules and thus facilitate computerized process for student admission, transfer of educational certificates on completion of studies, teachers-parents collaboration, examinations, financial and administrative operations, attendance management, attendance and academic monitoring and many more. Starting from Engineering, Polytechnic, Management, Architecture, Hotel Management, Pharmacy, PGDM, our solutions are proven fruitful in all kinds of academic institutions and they have admired our College ERP system / software for user-friendliness, simplicity and compatibility.

Features of the College ERP system / Software

  • Cloud based fully integrated ERP solutions
  • Develop Technology – PHP,MYSQL,J2EE
  • RFID smart cards enabled security
  • Inbuild Biomatrix
  • Net Banking support
  • SMS Alerts
  • SMS Alerts
  • OCR support
  • RFID enabled Library module
  • 24 x 7 Availability
  • E-enabled to teachers, parents, students, management, and alumni
  • Simple to implement and maintain free environment
  • Customizable


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